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Moving House – Astrological Disaster


6th house astrology is a big event and if you get your move wrong there can be serious consequences.

You have to sort out contracts and finance, get a removal van, make sure the utilities are dealt with, and so on.

However the one thing many people forget to do is consult an astrologer. And if you move into a house or apartment for the first time, you must make sure that the astrological situation is favourable.

You would have thought that astrologers of all people would check the positions of the planets before making a move. I normally do, but this time I didn’t. Or rather, I did check them, but I ignored my own warnings, for the sake of convenience.

So three months ago I moved into an apartment with the Moon in Pisces making a stressful, 180-degree aspect to Saturn in Virgo. If you’d been studying astrology for two days you would have know that that was bad news. You would have also known that water could have been a problem, because of the Moon’s placement in a Water sign.

As expected, the last three months have been a nightmare. The internet took six weeks to arrive, the lavatory bowl was leaking, the sink was leaking, there was black mould in the bedroom… and the landlord did next to nothing.

Three months passed, and it was soon time to pay the landlord another three month’s rent. Time to leave! In fact I’m typing away in an empty apartment, at the tail end of a frantic Christmas move.

Please, please, please, if you’re reading this, don’t make my mistake. If you’re moving into a new property, ALWAYS check the astrology. And if the astrological situation is bad, delay your move.

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