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The Process of Freezing Meat


In this modern society, we consume frozen meals mostly everyday, in homes, schools, workplaces and also in restaurants. The frozen food, come from a whole variety of products from meat, seafood, TV meals to processed foods. The process of freezing, is a preservation method to increase the goodness and freshness in food. We use and consume these products that is ever so frequent in our lives yet, we might not understand the whole process of how we can freeze these items. Looking into history, we shall give our uttermost thanks to Clarence Birdseye who can be understood as the founder of the frozen food industry, as he invented the ways to gain profit by storing frozen items in small packages to be sold.

During the olden times, the freezing of foods, was done using the immersion method, in which they did it immersing the frozen meat in water and brine. The process of Freezing meat is of course, ensuring there is meat to actually be frozen.

Freezing items makes molecules embedded in the item, to gather up, making them to turn into a solid item. Freezing also causes the energy between all of the molecules in the item to change. The freezing will only occur when the freezing point of the item is achieved and this can vary depending on what food item it is.

Usually meats, are immediately frozen after the slaughter process to reduce the probability of bacteria to grow on the meat, increasing its longevity and freshness. Nowadays, commercial freezing for wholesale frozen meat Singapore are helped by big freezers and fans to blow cold air, enabling them to freeze faster.

So when you have the chance to go to visit your next wholesale frozen meat Singapore in the search of frozen meat, you can understand the process of how freezing of meats take place.

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