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The magnetic of coffee


Have you ever drink a cup of coffee that last the longest period of time in your mind, even if it passes for a long time ago? If it does, that means the cup of coffee has something really unique in it, definitely not the appearance, but the taste just can’t be explained.

Sometimes, the tastiest food is not those come from a very fancy restaurant, but just a small hidden shop at a place which nobody will actually notice even if they have passed by every day.

Coffee brings some sort of refreshment to brighten up our day. Well, some might agree, and some might not.

But agree or not, coffee brings a sense of energy even if you do not get a good sleep yesterday night, not only does it taste good, but also the smells, the aroma from the cup of coffee in your hand, it just feels so much better, even just by holding it.

Let me ask you something, do you even care about the ingredients in the coffee you drink every day, like how much caffeine it contains.

Let me tell you something, do you know that the darker the coffee, yes, is tasteless and taste food and pastries damansara kim really bitter (I’m definitely not a dark coffee fans here), but it has less caffeine in it, do you know that?

Most of the people are same like me, we do not prefer dark coffee, although it is better than the normal one. So if you are a person that same like me, prefer the “not so bitter” coffee, then be ware and do not overdose in your daily life.

Especially the coffee that we can easily get from the supermarket, those coffee contains high amount of caffeine in it.

So, if you are worried of too high caffeine in the coffee, then you should definitely visit cafes in damasara kim to choose your preferable cup of coffee to kick start your day.

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