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The Importance of Whitespace in Web Design

For some designers, they tend to overlook on the importance of “whitespaces” or negative spaces, as some people would call it. These are spaces left in between elements to encourage more engagement from users. Back then, people would say having whitespace in design being too plain or lack of creativity. Now, the trend of having whitespaces turn out to be very common. Here are a few reasons on why it is important to have whitespaces:

Creates balance. Having too little whitespace can bring confusion and disorganization – something that your website definitely don’t need. Using whitespace can be a tool to separate information and content to create a better user experience. It will also increase the overall outlook of the website to be more neat and clean.

Portray professionalism. Generally, whitespaces in web design demonstrates a sense of professionalism that shows your brand is serious and have credibility. If your website looks cluttered and messy, it gives off a vibe that your brand is not serious and maybe lack of trust.

Draw attention on important content. Providing whitespaces can bring better focus on your main products. In the eye of a user, if there is space surrounding the products, it will be easier to look at and visually-pleasing.

Clearer CTAs (Call to Actions). If your call-to-actions are strong enough together with whitespaces, it will encourage the user to click on it even more. Though most people would just want to make the CTA bigger, having whitespaces also can be effective.

Whitespace in web design shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is encouraged to practice having whitespaces while designing websites because it is an element of design that helps balance things out on websites. Websites shouldn’t be cluttered with many text and images. There are many web design Malaysia agencies that you can contact to get a website that comes with whitespace in their design.