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Kpop Music Videos That Can Gives You Brainrot


Kpop Music Videos That Can Gives You Brainrot

Have you ever come across scenes from movies, that gives you so much shock or fascination that you can not help but to think about it all day? That is what we call it brainrot; according to urban dictionary, it is defined as the inability to stop thinking about a certain topic which leads to the ‘rotting’ of the brain (not literally). Overthinking about certain thoughts can cause stress or anxiety for some people. In this case,

All music videos have their stories, but when it comes to Korean pop, it differentiates others. The industry takes the plot in their musical and filming work very seriously, hence why the fans are obsessed with breaking down the music video into theories, hints for future comebacks, easter eggs, and so on. It is a vast brainrot to do with those that have the time for it, but it can also be demotivating when the internet does not do the favor. Time fibre internet can provide fast internet speed to help you theorise your favorite Kpop music videos without any interruption.

If you would like to get yourself thinking in the midst of boredom staying home with nothing to do, keep reading because here are some of our pick on Kpop music videos that can make you think nonstop about the story and the theories that follows:

Can’t You See Me by TXT

It all begins with a group of boys coming over to their friend’s house, followed by taking pictures together – why are the two not seem to get along? – then making a messy strawberry smoothie – why does he seem lonely? – food fight with tomatoes – oh, now the house is on fire! What is going on?

Friendships gone sour, betrayal, pinky promises and fingers crossed, and the one that is left alone. Nothing is perfect when it comes to having friends, but you can not help but to think about what causes their relationship to take a dark turn.

Who would have thought a smashed tomato can hold a deeper meaning.

Girls by Nature

By reading the lyrics alone, you would automatically understand the song is about childish love and rejection. But the music video depicts a horror metaphor. One girl lives alone in a lonely room but is accompanied by other white-dressed girls who portray how she feels – destructive, numb and depressed.

So what does these girls represent as for the pain of rejection?

Egoist by Loona’s Olivia Hye

Self-love is the best love, but what if this quote led to grim consequences. To feel left out is common in relationships, especially when it is one-sided. However, being alone for too long can possibly grow the negative version of yourself and cause destruction to the people around you.

The somber yet EDM-heavy song tells the story of an egoist who would do anything to hurt the people who hurt her before, which leads us to contemplate if that can bring her happiness.

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