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Information on File Transfer Services


Sharing videos and pictures of the recent holidays you had among your friends is so much fun. They can also take part in the fun you had and these memories you can share with them, no matter how far you are from each other. This is possible only because of one medium known as the internet. Earlier it was not possible that if you are far from your friends you cannot share anything with them, you have to visit that person personally or through courier post. But on the internet you can send files and instantly they can receive those files.

Other than internet you can also use local area network through which you can create your own hub and invite the people staying in your locality. Then you can share and transfer files and folders with each other. There is no limitation of size here i.e. you can upload and download files of any size. No use of restriction time i.e. you don’t have to wait for certain minutes for downloading a file from the users. Another advantage of using LAN service is that you don’t have to pay separately for getting this service other than the installation. Also you can download at much greater speed than your internet connection speed.

Then wesendit website where you can first upload the file which you want to share and then these websites will provide you a link which can be used as a file distribution source. Disadvantages of such storage spaces are size limitation of a single file, no of files that can be uploaded, and also a time limit for which you can make the next file upload. Another way of file transferring is the use of E-Mail Clients. You can transfer files of bigger sizes through this service which you never get in an E-mail service provider such as Rediff, Gmail, and Yahoo, etc. There may be a limitation of overall file size which you can transfer along with this medium. Within the period of a certain time if the receiver doesn’t receive that file then the transfer will be canceled.

If you want to send small-sized files you can always send them as an e-mail attachment or upload them on the websites which provide limited file storage disks. You can upload files on these sites and they will provide you with a link which you can share with your friends so that they can download the file you have uploaded.

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