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I Finally Tried a Cannabis Cigar, and It Changed My Mind


At the point when I read that a stogie loaded up with an ounce of weed and seven grams of hash was sold for $3,600 at the Seattle pot shop Diego Pellicer on its first day of business, I quickly thought: That’s some dumb crap. 

For what reason would anybody spend that sort of cash on a dull? I could purchase a vehicle for that sum. A five-figure weed stogie appears the meaning of inefficient richness. It seemed like industrialist powers even from a pessimistic standpoint—brief they’re benefitting off the supremacist war on drugs, and the following moment they’re making a counterfeit requirement for a costly form of those once illicit medications. 

At that point I got the opportunity to take a few hits off one of these extravagant cannabis stogies, and abruptly my psyche was changed. 

My invasion into extravagant blunts was entirely unexpected. I simply occurred in on a gathering of individuals sharing a weed stogie made by Leira, a similar brand of that $3,600 gruff I had laughed at. The stogie was in any event multiple times fatter than any unpolished I have ever rolled, yet taking even the greatest hit was easily smooth. As we passed the stogie around a circle, sluggishly puffing on it toward the evening sun, I saw the dull was scarcely lessening in size. In the time that a whole joint would be done, this dull barely looked any littler. 

Regardless I think these stogies are rich as heck, fringe garish, and completely out of my value extend, yet I’ve come to acknowledge they’re additionally quite fascinating. Leira’s two stogie assortments sell for $100 and $420—a lofty rebate on that insane $3,600 variant—and a couple different organizations make even more affordable sorts. Something lets me know these blunts will turn into much progressively mainstream at terrace grills and extravagant gatherings. The straightforwardness with which they can be passed around make them one of the most agreeable approaches to get a major gathering of individuals high CBD cigarettes

Not at all like the blunts that have been a most loved of stoners for quite a long time—which utilize the gutted tobacco wrap of modest service station stogies—these cannabis stogies are enclosed by genuine pot leaves. State law denies pot processors from combining tobacco and cannabis, so regardless of whether a maker needed to sell conventional blunts, they would not have the option to legitimately do as such. Furthermore, blunts have been dropping out of support with wellbeing focused present day stoners for some time at any rate—Wiz Khalifa and Rick Ross don’t smoke blunts any longer! 

The cannabis leaves are topped with ground-off weed, frequently with a cannabis move blended in to give the stogie an additional THC punch. Leira utilizes solely pot from Gold Leaf, the best in class maker they share a structure with. Leira makes two variants of their “cannagar” blunts: a “cannarillo” loaded up with four grams of bloom and a large portion of a gram of rosin ($100), and a “crown” loaded up with 12 grams of blossom and three grams of rosin ($420). Rosin is a kind of solventless hash concentrate. 

Leira moves its stogies around a stick, which leaves a gap down the focal point of the stogie. This gives Leira’s blunts their unmistakably smooth hit and that perpetual smoking experience. “That helps keep it consuming moderate and furthermore causes it consume easily,” as indicated by Ariel Payopay, proprietor of Leira. “Our cannarillos will last around 60 minutes, and I’ve heard our crowns have kept going as long as six hours.” 

This is one reason I think these stogies will get well known for rich stoners and their companions. Also, stogies have an easy cool factor about them. 

“There was in every case just blunts and joints and bongs, however nothing looked extremely tasteful, as for a wedding or something,” Payopay said. “At the point when you’re altogether spruced up and smoking a joint, it doesn’t look as extravagant.”

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