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Creating a “Social Event”


Now more than ever, conference planners, and meeting are Integrating media. Social networking has created an environment in which events have become in a way”more social”, where interaction occurs not just through the event, but before it starts and even after it finishes. Here are a few ways to make a”social event”.

  • Before The Event

Generating Buzz

Before your event starts, you want to let folks know your event exists. The best way is by buzz. There would be to do this A couple of ways to make event pages on networking networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Invite by promoting a sweep stake where attendees to join. These sweepstakes can be extended onto Twitter. Note: make certain to read the advertising or thru friend app.

Creating these networking event web pages Benefits you also since this will notify them of others. Once the event ends, they could check these pages to find contact information to reach out.

Attendees (networking & business connections). Here are some ways to create a “social event”.

Involve the Attendees

The whole point of a “social event” is to be “social essentially”. Engage with the attendees before the event begins. For example, ask them to vote on who they want to speak at the event, what snacks or refreshments they prefer, or even the location they want the event to be held at, etc.

There are many websites out there that offer to poll, but why give your attendees more work when they can vote on the social media platform you’ve already established for your event? LinkedIn offers a built-in polling system while Facebook requires you to install an app to your profile.

  • During The Event

You can further involve your attendees by taking questions from Twitter posts that include your event hashtag. If you aren’t taking questions, continue to monitor the hashtag regardless and see what your attendees are saying about the event. Don’t be afraid to reply to tweets!

Upload short clips and pictures from your event as it happens using Twitpic and Twitvid. This will allow you and your attendees to engage in a dialogue about the event as it occurs. It could also bring about the potential of engaging with people who couldn’t make it to the event or even generate interest in those who might want to attend next time.

  • After The Event

When the event ends, you will want to follow up with your attendees. You can either contact them individually or if you want to continue to be “social”, start a discussion on Facebook or LinkedIn to involve everyone. Ask for feedback, such as what their favourite part of the event was, what are some areas of improvement, etc.

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