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Costume Jewelry – The Contemporary Jewelry of Our Time


I am sure you have worn many different pieces of jewelry, from the simplest chain bracelet around your wrist to perhaps a very beautiful jewel necklace handed from generation to generation. Many of your favorite pieces likely contain semi-precious to precious gemstones, such as amethyst, turquoise, pearl, onyx, ruby, or emerald. If you would have taken a closer look at contemporary jewelry manufactured from Nikola Valenti today, you would most probably observe the relaxed and yet elegant looks of the contemporary costume jewelry.

Instead of having perfectly shaped costume jewelry rings or necklaces, many contemporary designers now tend towards organic composition of their pieces. Stones nowadays are used as it is instead of what used to be perfectly cut or polished stones. Through these, the designers have introduced an element of playfulness in their designs and you can really feel the free flowing artistic juices demonstrated through the variety of colors used in the pieces.

Do-it-yourself (DIY) Costume jewelry making is fast becoming popular in the costume jewelery or fashion jewelry market today. With the vast amount of costume jewelry parts wholesalers out there, getting materials to make your own fashion jewelry is so easy and cheap nowadays. Anyone who would like to satisfy their craving to express their artistic juice can give costume jewelry making a try. There are hundreds of thousands of stones out there to choose from, you can simply mix and match the stones you love and have fun discovering your inner artist. Costume jewelry making depends very much on the muse in you and depending on your personal taste, you decide whether a design needs a little more or a little less. What is most important is to have fun.

Technology has made it possible for simple commoners like us to make our own jewelry right from the dinning table of our home. With some simple tools and supplies, we can start creating our very own jewelry pieces. Making your own gemstone jewelry is exciting and rewarding. You will be thrilled as you see your designs coming together, one step at a time. But before you start anything, you will need to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge on the gemstone and accent beads in the market today and the different techniques and tools you can use to create the designs you desired.

Contemporary jewelry nowadays is made to give one a relaxed and elegant feel. They are designed and manufactured using the organic composition of the gems instead of what used to be precise emplacement. Modern jewelry today is more colorful as compared to the classic two tonal designs. As you may have observed, more and more people are making their own costume jewelry and if you read the signs correctly, the industry is exploding in the next big wave that is going to sweep you off your feet. Prepare and position yourself to ride this new wave in the fashion industry.

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