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A Selection of Common Terms Associated With IVA Debt Help


There are loads of people across the nation which are influenced by financial troubles and all can do with a workable remedy to help alleviate those issues. IVA debt aid is just one potential method of managing matters but there are a great deal of terms connected with this you might not fully comprehend. We’ve given you a brief overview of the significance of a few of the most frequent phrases and terms used with this kind of solution.

Creditor – This is the business or person that you owe any money .

Debtor – This can be the man who owes money from individuals.

Disposable Income – This amount is the sum of money an individual has left as soon as they’ve paid for every one their monthly essentials like food, bills and rent.

IVA – An Individual Voluntary Arrangement is an arrangement that’s made to get a spell of around 5 years where you’ve got a monthly lump sum to cover between all lenders. Some of your debts will be written off if that is put up.

Insolvency Practitioner – A licensed person that specialises in bankruptcy, will be authorised by one of numerous specialist bodies to perform their job.

Late Charge – a penalty fee that’s enforced when you don’t satisfy your obligations in time.

Secured Debt – Involved any debt where the lender uses an advantage as collateral against the loan taken out to buy that advantage.

This is obviously not a comprehensive list of all the possible terms and phrases which you may encounter when searching into IVA debt aid but it must at least allow you to understand matters a little better. Should you want any additional advice or advice then you need to consult a financial adviser.

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