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5 Fast Prototyping Tools For Efficient Design


1. Axure

It is a professional prototyping design tool from Axura Software Solution Company for a professional designer who needs to create an interactive design. It involves many functions, namely the positioning needs of users, standard, design functions and interface to create a prototype quickly. Other than that, it also creates wireframes, flow diagrams and specification documents on APPs and Websites. With this function, it allows the team to work collaboratively and able to interact with ideas in better ways. Although it is fully functional, there are many users complaint about the complexity and invisibility of interactive design. Regardless of how complex, this flagship product from Axura is recommended to those who want to make an interactive design.

2. Mockplus

The tools that are preferred by the new product manager because of the quick and easy success way of learning. This tool focuses mainly on the design theory instead of the tool. As mentioned earlier, you need this tool if you are running out of time because it will not more than half an hour to understand and use it. It also has the simplest interactive design without any complex data and programming. Hence, it is recommended to new designers.

3. Invision

This tool focuses on interactive, which means it will cooperate among the teammates and users. The users able to provide feedback, and it helps to make the tool better. The design is more towards life, and it innovative web design allows to convert the static pictures from the website and application to a dynamic prototype with the interactive design.

4. Balsamiq Mockups

Balsamiq Studio in California launched this professional, fast prototyping design tool that not only for sketches but able to seize the core by enter the flows and tools the team and also balance the prototyping design. It supports HTML prototyping pictures, and it has forms and beautiful design. However, it does not have an advanced interactive function, but it is a popular tool.

5. UX Pin

This prototyping tool is an online design tool without making code and all you have to make your prototype by dragging the elements. It is possible to make a high fidelity prototype using it. Moreover, it allows importing your design from Sketch and Photoshop. Not only that, it provides practices for the design elements, and patterns, hence it is well liked among the netizens.

Despite that, every tool has its pros and cons, but these 5 fast prototyping tools are popular among publics, designers and developers due to the efficiency compared to the other tools, hence it is a recommendable tool for web design Malaysia.

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